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Re: Hankinson with different LDF's

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Thank you very much!  I was pretty sure about that but wanted to verify
Joe Grill

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My apologies if you get this twice. I didn’t see it on the digest today, so I am reposting it.







Your reference to Appendix B is correct. If you are looking at combined loads from soil and lateral, 1.6 is the correct load duration factor. Note also that you would need to check the soil load alone with a 0.9 factor and use whichever controls.




I know this will sound confusing, but we do not treat dowel bearing perpendicular to grain the same way we treat compression perpendicular to grain when it comes to load duration factors. Since calculating dowel connection capacity involves several different variables and several yield equations, we tried to simplify the design process by accounting for issues like this in the yield equations. Then, you can apply one load duration factor to your final Z value. I can try to answer additional questions about it, or if you want to research it further, see NDS® Appendix I and the NDS Commentary.






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Subject: RE: Hankinson with different LDF's

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One more thought, according to my outdated (2001) copy of the NDS, the =0Aa=

djustment factors for compression strength perpendicular to the grain =0Ado=

 not include the LDF.=C2=A0 The LDF is only used to adjust the strength for="">

=0A compression parallel to the grain.




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Subject: RE: Hankinson with different LDF's

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Appendix B of the NDS says that the stress from any combination=0Aof loads is less than or equal to the adjusted de=

sign value modified by the=0Aload duration factor for the shortest duration=

 load in that combination of=0Aloads. =0A=0A =C2=A0 =0A=0AThat would seem t=

o agree with using a 1.6 factor on the final Z=0Asub theta.

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