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I see the problem as that of stretching sheet metal,
which has a hole reinforced by a tube welded to the edge of a hole.
If you take Roark's Formulas and look near the end,
at the Stress Concentrations chapter, you will find a case which resembles yours.
Gregory from Oz
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Subject: Breech opening in steel stack

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From my previous post I will say that all the licensing issues appear to
have been worked out.


The steel stack that I am working on is not tall being less than 50 ft.
There are some breech openings in the stack near the base.  The openings are
round and will be "stiffened" due to horizontal pipes the same diameter of
the opening that will be welded to that location.  I have to go to my
"archives" located in my not so clean garage to locate a reference that I
only think is there.  I had to reduce the archived library some time back.
Anyway, it has been quite some time since I have done a stack design and I
am looking for a reference/example of reinforcing breech openings.  I have
some pages from ASME with some stack design requirements, but it doesn't (at
least the portion that I have) say a lot about the breech reinforcement.


I will say that in doing some very quick ballpark calcs, I'm not sure the
reinforcement is all that critical in my case.  If I take the portion of the
stack between the breech openings (without stiffeners) and check compression
stresses from gravity and wind. The stresses appear to be o.k.  that would
even be with assuming the width of the compression element does not increase
due to the circular nature of the opening and being unstiffened.  Anyway, if
anyone has some a reference, example or help in general, I would certainly
appreciate it.



Joseph R. Grill, PE

Verde Valley Engineering, PLLC