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re: stack bolting

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I am admittedly rusty on my mechanics of materials, so forgive me if I
am off here.

With a hollow circular section such as your stack or a large diameter
pipe, the tensile stresses from bending will be greatest at the
farthest point from the neutral axis, which will be given by your M/S
formula. The bolts at the neutral axis should see no load, and those
below will be in compression. But this will vary depending on the
direction of the wind. This is just fine because you have a circle
which is symmetric. So your method will give you the worse case
tensile stress in the stack at the point farthest from the NA, and
then you can conservatively design that one bolt using the stress x
trib length of the stack (ie bolt spacing). Its conservative because
the other bolts will be understressed as you proceed around the stack
closer to the NA.

Guess what I am saying is your method sounds good!

Andrew Kester, PE

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