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online community

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I've found a few useful discussions on eng-tips over the years, but never
actively followed it. I think part of the reason is the perception its range
is too large which was enhanced by the fact that when I first found it years
ago, there was little structural content. I've always gathered that
structural engineers simply aren't online community people and assumed that
explained the dearth of e-discussion options. 
I've never had any of the seaint list problems others have described, but I
only get the emails in digest format. However, up until about a year ago, I
was happily following these discussions at the blogspot page whose demise
I've never understood: 
It's not web 2.0, but it's infinitely more readable than the chains of
replies with unreadable html enconding I'm getting now. Does anybody know
what happened to the blogspot page? 
The format of this list is very outdated and a lot of its discussion lost to
posterity, but it's a lot more "personal" than the online community format.
For better and worse, people will ask and answer a lot more questions
Besides moving to eng-tips, there's also the option of setting up a new
group in any of the free or low cost community hosting sites if listers are

Kerry MacDonald, S.E.

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