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 On 9/23/2010 9:09 AM, Andrew Kester wrote:
So I found this list, not like its a secret, just wondering others
opinions? Now I really like its format as a message board, because you
can follow one specific thread. Also, you can post pictures or scans
of diagrams and sketches. Just wondering who here has been checking it
out and maybe some people can crossover or have dual citizenship :)  I
just know a lot of your names and have trusted and respected your
advice and input over the years....
Same problem with eng-tips as there was with the old CIVIL-L, which was so broad-ranging in its discussions that I believe that's what prompted the creation of SEAOC-L (the original name of the list).

If someone cares to spend the money and time to set up a discussion board to take the place of SEAINT, perhaps that would be the answer.

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