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 On 9/25/2010 11:34 AM, h.d.richardson wrote:

What would a new group have that this group does not already have??

Not a thing, really. It's just more a nod to the realities of how people today are using the Internet. Most younger folks don't use email at all, it's just not a useful tool for them. Whereas most of us who were around in the mid- to late-90s still think of email as viable, the fact is that it has been overtaken by other technologies (and overrun by spam) to the extent that too many people don't use it.

Personally, I have no problem with email communication at all. It is a habit with me because I've used it for so long. But my adult kids, to give a small sample as an example, NEVER check email accounts if they even have them. I think that's the primary reason we haven't gotten much new blood on SEAINT over the last few years.

But there's not a de facto standard online community for structural engineering either. Eng-Tips.Com is too broad in its topical scope to be useful for us, just as CIVIL-L back in the day wasn't really fitting the bill leading to the creation of SEAINT.

Ironically Dennis Wish, one of the prime movers of the SEAINT list at its inception, tried to create a web-based online community some years ago, but it was too early. Now, it would likely work if the tools were right, if there was decent archiving and search, etc. And, of course, if it got sufficiently promoted so that it became THE place to ask and answer the questions as needed for our community.

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