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Shiraz , there is a google group already.

Except that also died last November along with

as Kerry mentioned.

I  prefer the email format of the SEAint list. The online forums require
being online at the forum, to provide a response and receive, unless they
are like ExcelCalcs, and issue email notification to topics of interest. I
also recently taking a look at EngTips and it seems that a typical response
could be question answered already, so it just becomes a database of
answers, and less than interactive. The SEAint listeserver seems more
helpful than that. Most questions have been asked before, but each has a
different context. Others thus get the opportunity to answer, and dicussion
may follow which clarifies each others understanding. Also not a matter of
the answer being in the archives or a book already, but who knows how to
rapidly retrieve that answer, can provide a rapid response and give

A lot of questions concern where is it, or where has it gone in the new
code. Or users are away from their desk and don't have their references, but
have email access, and need a quick response from someone who has access to
such references. SEAint helps in these cases. I don't believe the EngTips
type forum would.

Current questions also give a picture of what is happening out there, what
is being built and what isn't. Not asking questions because been answered
already stifles conversation. SEAint, is like wandering across the office
saying: have the book, but what is it talking about. Oh! That! why didn't it
say that. Now it it makes sense. But with SEAint get more than one mentor to
assist, and identify that some things are not all that conclusive.

Conrad Harrison
B.Tech (mfg & mech), MIIE, gradTIEAust
South Australia

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