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Bill, I don't think email is dead. I was going to say I am young and I
use email, but I just realized I am not really young anymore.  Its
invaluable for business, and there is no replacement for a secure and
personal way of communicating at this time, as well as sending files.
Lots of 35 year old professionals and even the younger people in my
office still use email constantly. I think it is used less as a
private and social means amongst people under 30, where texting,
twitter and Facebook have perhaps taken over. I do like texting but I
have avoided the rest like the plague. Telling people about your daily
activities seems like a horrible idea unless you are a very
fascinating individual with an amazing life. Otherwise just give me
the highlight reel over a beer, face to face. I digress...

I think the format part of SEAINT is annoying and always have. Its
difficult to follow a single thread or subject, the formatting on my
end appears to me mostly programming mumbo-jumbo, and you cannot post
an image to help clarify a point. If any group of professionals needs
visual images to clarify a point it would be structural engineers.
What I have always liked about SEAINT is the variety and quality of
professionals posting, which seems to have plummeted after the "great
2009 server crash".

Anyway, there is a STRUCTURAL only group on ENG-TIPS, just scroll down
and you will see it. Just read through it and the posts are similar to
what you'd see on SEAINT. May I reiterate how nice it is do follow a
single post and also be able to post images!!

"Structural engineering other technical topics Forum
(44352 members) "

I'll continue to subscribe to SEAINT but will be perusing the ENG-TIPS
structural message board and hope to read some posts from you
SEAINT'ers soon.

Andrew Kester, PE

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