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Hello all


I have a CMU building to repair where somebody drove a car into the wall by accident. The unique situation: built around 1965 -1970


Building is 25’ x 75’ w/ 10 high walls w/ wood trusses spanning wall to wall, no anchorage I presume.  No plans of coarse, 8” cmu W/ # 5’s


@ 48”oc solid grout above 32” and only cells w/steel below that level.  A piece of typical 4” wide window flashing is installed horizontally


@ the block joint my guess around the entire building.  I have to write a report about the structural integrity of the structure due to the car


breaking through the wall.  I will disclose what I have found, but the question is what else would you recommend or disclose??


 If I verify that the grout is only @ rebar below 32”  then what ?  If we assume the flashing paper is a shear plane around the building


You will have no bond @ end joints but bond is there @ both faces of block.  No windows or doors in long walls just short direction.


Any ideas on what else if anything you would look into ?






Joe Venuti,  P.E.

Joven Engineering

La QuintaCA