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re: joe's CMU building

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You did not mention if you were able to verify that the flashing fully
penetrated the wall? And also did this at the filled cells? Thought
maybe they notched it out at the filled cells..?

If it does, then I assume California has a section of code dedicated
to existing buildings. Besides fully disclosing what you found to your
client, you may have responsibilities to contact the building
department. Also depending on code requirements, you may have to do
certain things to the building to strengthen it to current code or at
least to make it "safe". I am in Florida and we have a whole code
dealing with Existing Buildings and it can get pretty tricky as to
what you are required to do.

Hello all

I have a CMU building to repair where somebody drove a car into the
wall by accident. The unique situation: built around 1965 -1970

Building is 25' x 75' w/ 10 high walls w/ wood trusses spanning wall
to wall, no anchorage I presume.  No plans of coarse, 8" cmu W/ # 5's

@ 48"oc solid grout above 32" and only cells w/steel below that level.
 A piece of typical 4" wide window flashing is installed horizontally

@ the block joint my guess around the entire building.  I have to
write a report about the structural integrity of the structure due to
the car

breaking through the wall.  I will disclose what I have found, but the
question is what else would you recommend or disclose??

 If I verify that the grout is only @ rebar below 32"  then what ?  If
we assume the flashing paper is a shear plane around the building

You will have no bond @ end joints but bond is there @ both faces of block.
No windows or doors in long walls just short direction.

Any ideas on what else if anything you would look into ?

Joe Venuti,  P.E.

Joven Engineering

La Quinta,  CA

 <mailto:jovenengr(--nospam--at)> jovenengr(--nospam--at)

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