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SOG joint recommendations

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Have a project that involves the replacement of a section of a pool
deck SOG at an ocean front condo in Florida. Because of salt and
chlorine issues, I am not going to use WWF. I will use fibers for
plastic shrinkage and control cracks with careful joint design.
-4" concrete, likely using a rather standard mix. Because of its
location it will have to be pumped. Did I understand from the recent
round of posts that you can still use 3/4" aggregate with pumps,
though it can become an issue if they use a smaller pump and hose
-Control joints at 8' max, trying to keep the sections as square as possible.
-Isolation joints around perimeter of pool, adjacent to existing slabs
and buildings.
-Overall dimensions are approximately 51' x 24.5'

1. Do I need isolation joints, such as one bisecting the 51'
direction? I think CJs are fine without isolation joints but....
2. CJ depth of 1/4 slab thickness per PCA recommendations, only one
inch. OK or go 1-1/2"?
3. I am going to place the slab on one side over a 14" thick concrete
retaining wall. I want to isolate the bottom of the slab from the top
of the wall, do I need a mechanical barrier or will a chemical bond
breaker suffice?
4. Because of changes in elevation in the top of the retaining wall, I
plan on having them thicken the edge of the slab as necessary in the
field to make up for this. Right now my worse case looks like a
thickened edge of 7" over the wall, would a 1:1 taper back up to 4" be
OK or use a more gradual slope?

All comments, suggestions, troubleshooting, etc. welcomed!

Andrew Kester, PE

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