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Opinion - Cores in Hollow Core Planks

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                First, is a partial core a core that is not full length of the plank? I design precast, but not Hollow Core. Then if I understand correctly, the cores may be directly over, or nearly over, the prestressing strand. If this is the case I would be concerned about splitting the minimal concrete cover of the strand and consequent debonding. This probably has already occurred, so no amount of grouting cores will bring the prestress back. Nor would I be able to generate calculations that showed anything worthwhile, as I would have to assume that the strand had debonded for the full length of the partial cores. Three missing strand in a 4’ wide plank sure sounds like something that will not meet the demand.
                If that is not the case, then calculations should at least add the weight of the grout to whatever calculations were done originally, or to decrease the capacity in a load table.
        Jim Getaz
        Precast Concrete Engineer