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Re: Structural engineers and sustainability ;

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       I am just a student as of now and not as qualified as you are but still following are my comments.
Internet is definitely a way to learn a lot about green and sustainability concept in civil engineering but the source is very unreliable. You can never be sure that Internet study will provide you with the best and accurate results. There are many programs under development as of now for example ASCE is developing one, LEED have already one, SEAOC and some other.
Structural plays a vital role especially for civil engineering sector, as the design can be such that it allows scope of concepts of green building. Designing can provide help wrt choose of material, saving energy in materials transportation and many other ways.
Hope it helps !!

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Most of what I have learned has been through various web sites on the internet as well as various books on sustainable design, or alternative construction practices and materials.


I have only been practicing structural engineering for five years and I will take the P.E. next weekend, unfortunately I have yet to come across a design that would allow me to implement any major alternative building materials.


I think that a lot of sustainable building has to do with where you live. For example I live in Orange County, California and there are way too many materialistic people here who care nothing about sustainability or using our resources more efficiently.


I digress, so back to what you were asking about. Mostly through the following websites and books:


“Buildings of Earth and Straw” by Bruce King, P.E.


“The Rammed Earth House” by Davis Easton


“Green Remodeling” by David Johnston & Kim Master




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  Hello group. You seem to be a dynamic, up-to-date collection of practicing engineers. I am a practicing engineer finishing up my Master of Science, Structural at Colorado State University. My Engineering Report/thesis is on the role of structural engineers in green/sustainable design and how do we get trained for this. My main reason for this email is to ask for resources any of you may be familiar with regarding how you learned about sustainable and green design. I am a prodigious reader and cite many sources. To this point I have 38 items in my bibliography. I have gathered a lot of articles and online discussions/presentations about the role of structural engineers in sustainability, but not much on how to gain knowledge and education. Thanks in advance for your help.


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