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.pdf to .doc Conversion

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OCR Optical Character Recognition

Adobe 8 does OCR and leaves the data at where each image was read. The new converted text is not visible but copy and paste the pdf text and there is actually a text to be pasted. Sometimes the text is missing spaces.

I am loyal to Readiris Pro 11 for OCR it identifies paragraphs for text, tables for a spreadsheet, and images to be left alone then it distinguishes all types even on one page and places them so in a new excel or word document.

I found most pdf's that I need converted are because they are old (no acad files) and so they are shady and lines are difficult to distinguish. My line recognition attempts are lousy. I have stopped trying to find a line maker for images. Adobe Photoshop does have a filter to create a sketch affect fun but not useful.

I use Adobe Acrobat to convert to an image file and use Adobe Photoshop CS to measure and stretch the paper in two directions to correct the usual 1 to 5 % copy error witch varies with x and y direction. Insert the stretched image into acad. I found measuring the needed rotation correction is best with acad and then rotate the stretched file back in the Adobe Photoshop then reinserted the image into acad. I trace what I need or just use the dirty image as a faded background image but now with an exact scale. Sometimes I find images will hide acad lines. I then either move all lines from (0,0) to the same (0,0) then they are not hidden by the image. Another way is to move the image a unit dimension behind the drawing (3-D) the lines are then in front to be seen.

David Merrick, SE

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