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RE: shell stability

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Decades ago in my senior year I took a graduate course on thin shell concrete structures as an elective.  I thought it would be fun and interesting.  It was neither.  I wouldn’t wish that on anyone.



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Subject: RE: shell stability


I’ll second that.  Although, my professor was a real thin-shell concrete guru, and he usually spent a pretty good portion of each class period correcting all the typographical errors in the book.  Without someone to help you through that, referring to the book might be at least confusing and possibly dangerous.


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I don't know if this reference meets your ideas of practical, but I used

David P. Billington's book Thin Shell Concrete Structures in Grad

school and really liked it.  I thought that the book gave me the theory

and then reduced the concepts to the more practical.


The fifth chapter is on the Analysis of Circular Cylindrical Shells, and

5-5 is on the Solution of The Shallow-Shell Equations.


I hope that helps.


Take Care,

Lloyd Pack


On 27 Oct 2010 at 13:50, Steve Gordin wrote:



> Good afternoon,


> I am looking for a source of Practical analysis of a


> Shallow - Thin - Cylindrical Shell/panel

> under

> Uniform Radial Compression.


> The books I have on the subject turn to be of mostly academic value.


> Can anyone point me in a right direction?


> TIA,

> --

> Steve Gordin SE