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RE: Tire Swing Cartoon?

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Michael, the one you describe is more like the one I am remembering too.  The link Stan sent is the one I found on the internet.  Thanks everyone for your help on this.



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I had a different one. I think the first cell was "The way the Developer/Architect Promoted It" and pictured a beautiful girl with long flowing hair swinging high. There was a cell "How the Contractor Built It" showing the branches all loped off and the tire wrapped around the trunk....totally different than this.


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Here you go ...





On Mon, Nov 15, 2010 at 8:43 PM, Robert Jonkman <rjonkman(--nospam--at)> wrote:

I have an old copy hanging in my office.  If no one sends an electronic copy to you let me know and I will scan it.

Rob Jonkman, P.Eng.



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Subject: Tire Swing Cartoon?


I was wondering if anyone out there might have a PDF version of that old Tire Swing Cartoon – it has several frames, each depicting a different version of what should be a simple a tire swing (tree + rope + tire).  Each frame has a different title, stuff like “What the Owner asked for”, “the Architect’s interpretation”, “the Engineer’s Design”, “How the Contractor Interpreted the Drawings”, etc. and of course none of them are the same.  I tried searching the web and found many references to a version related to software development but I’d like to track down the old A/E version if possible.




Diane Gould, S.E.