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Re: IBC 2006/2009 Assumption of flexible diaphragm.

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I would say they would be considered the same, unless their respective documentation or testing report or ICC ESR indicates the use of an alternate response modification factor, R.  I recall Hardy Frames were designed as steel braced frames and indicated an R factor of 4 (or 4.5).  Off hand, I don't remember what their Hardy Panels were to be designed for...

On Wed, Dec 1, 2010 at 2:09 PM, Freeman Tang <ftang(--nospam--at)> wrote:

Hi list,


Per IBC 2006/2009 of section 1613.6.1 Assumption of flexible diaphragm, item 3 stipulates that “Vertical elements of the ………..with wood  structural panels for shear resistance or steel sheets”.  My question is that will proprietary prefabricated wood panels and steel panels be considered as the wood structural panels and steel sheets under item 3 of this section? 

I believe that the wood structural panels and steel sheets under this section refer to the conventional wood shear walls and sheet steel shear panels, but not including the proprietary SWs.  Do you have different opinions on this?  Any comments and suggestions will be appreciated.


Freeman Tang 

David Topete, SE