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RE: Beam properties

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Get a copy of the AISC Search Utility for Structural Shapes.


The member may be an S12X25 manufactured by Phoenix Iron Company.


Type: S

ID = 346

Designation = S 12x25

A = 7.35

D = 12.00

TW = 0.240

BF = 5.000

TF = 0.464

T = 9.882

K = 1.059

W = 25.0

BF_2TF = 5.39

H_TW = 41.2

FY3P = 38

X1 = 2546

X2 = 3769

IX = 182.7

ZX = 34.0

SX = 30.5

RX = 4.99

IY = 7.6

ZY = 5.20

SY = 3.0

RY = 1.02

J = 0.51

CW = 253

a = 35.8

WNO = 14.4

SW = 8.35

QF = 6.36

QW = 17.0

FStr = PH 1915,PH 1923,PH 1929,


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I have an existing building with RTU’s being added and need to analyze the beams. The simplest of course is a table of properties. The beam dimensions don’t fit W, M, S, or HP per AISC 9th. It is an I-shape with a slightly tapered flange (I didn’t get that difference in thickness dimension), d=12-3/16”, bf=5”, tf=3/8” (by subtraction) and tw=1/4”. The beams are fairly light. Does anybody know where to find the properties for these? They are in a 50 to 80 year old Denver, CO building.


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