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Free Steel Girder Field-Splice Design Program

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Dear Fellow Bridge Engineers,

I am using Visual Basic to develop a series of bridge design software for AASHTO LRFD.  I finished the first one “Pier Program” not long ago.  I just finished the 2nd one – “Steel Girder Field Splice Design Program”.  It is free if you are interested.  These programs are handy in designing highway bridges.

The Field-Splice Design Program has the following features:

  1. INPUT:

 Steel Girder Section, Composite Slab, Steel Strength, Bolt Diameter, Faying Surface Class, Applied Loads – DL / LL Moments & Shears.

  1. OUTPUT:

·         Section Properties – Non-Composite and composite sections

·         Steel Stresses – Service, Service II, Factored, and design stresses

·         Summary - Splice Plates and Bolts Required

·         Check Strengths …

Plates – Gross Yielding & Net Section Fracture checks for tension and Compressive resistance checks for compression.

Bolts – Shear/Bearing/Slip/Block Shear Rupture resistance checks

·         Check Fatigue Stresses



Louisville, Kentucky