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Tip from Vish (Voice email)

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I just came across
This offers an opportunity to send voice email.
You can record your voice by simply speaking into your laptop keyboard.
After you finish, you can send this to anyone you please by typing his email address.
Your recipient will receive a normal email from Vocaroo Robot which will contain a link.
By clicking on the link your recipient will be able to hear you.
You can also post your voice publicly on the web and the software will generate a link
For example:
Any one can hear your voice by clicking on this link
The above link contains a test message from me.
Keep your speakers on before clicking and I do hope you can follow my accent.
There is no software to install.
Your recipient's mail box is not loaded unnecessarily with a large audio file attachment.
There is no downloading or uploading involved.
You just click to start, speak, and click when you stop.
Type the email address of your recipient and click "Send"
It's that simple.
All you need to get started is an email address.
You will have to choose a suitable password for yourself.
Go to
I have just recorded my voice and posted it on the web.
You can visit the link that I have given above.
I have also just send voice email messages to some friends.
Happy Voice mailing!
You might wonder what's so great about this.
Why not just pick up the phone and talk?
True. It's nothing great to rave about.
But when you telephone a person, you are disturbing him.
Here, your friend hears you at his convenience.
He can listen again and again if you have said something really worthwhile!
He can't do that on a telephone unless you are willing to say it again and again!
Besides, this is free!
Also, with this method, you need talk just once and allow any number to hear it at different times.
I think this can be a boon for some of our elderly folks who are not too skilled at the keyboard and will welcome an opportunity to  speak rather than type.
Try singing, or playing an instrument and send it across to your near and dear ones across the oceans.
There is a certain charm in hearing your loved one's voice which is missing in emails.
Tone cannot be conveyed by email in spite of all the emoticons available. Voice is better.
Besides we all speak at least ten times faster than we type or write.
You save a lot of time.
This can be used instead of Yahoo chat if it is inconvenient for both you and your listener to be sitting in front of the computer at the same time.
I liked it and hope to make full use of this.
I hope you will like it too.
Renewed regards