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Re: Steel Design Program

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I'm not sure if a FEA solver is what you need (it isn't steel design after all) but maybe you could make use of one.
We here have some sort of a consensus that Wolsink's Framework 3D is a good investment of time and effort if you need 2D and 3D frame systems.
It is actively developed by an engineer and has contour plot capabilities and other neat stuff, all of it freeware. See screenshots via link.
I'm not aware of any AISC or similar checks (Eurocode checks have been embedded so far) but for simple members, feeding the results to a spreadsheet might be enough.


On 6 January 2011 01:30, rivet man <oldsteelengr(--nospam--at)> wrote:
I work for a fabricator in the central part of the US. Due to the fact that design drawings are being sent for construction unfinished, RFI are not answered in time to meet the construction schedule, I have to finish member design on a lot of projects just to get the connections worked out. I need recommendations on a simple steel design program so that I can stop sizing members by hand. I don't need a high priced program to design a full strucutre, just something that I can set up the beam geometry, add loads and determine a size. Used to I only did this occasionally,  but now it seems that I have to size members on every project. One of the best beam design programs I ever used was from Ecom years ago; you just entered the geometry and loads and it would give you 3-4 beams that would fit the design constraints.

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