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F1554 vs A36 threaded rods

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I have a PEMB steel building project where F1554 headed anchor rods were specified to anchor the building to the foundation.  However, these bolts were not ordered when they should have been and now due to time constraints the contractor wants to use A36 threaded rods with double nuts and a plate washer.  At first glance I think this looks like it would be okay, yield stress and ultimate stress ranges are the same.  However, I don’t have the ASTM publications that would tell me the difference between the two.  This is an enclosed building so exposure to the elements is minimal.  My questions are:

1.       Are there any problems of using the A36 threaded rods instead of the F1554 rods that I should be aware of? 

2.       If A36 threaded rods are a problem, as another option, is it possible to get F1554 rods threaded the entire length and are they readily available?