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Re: F1554 vs A36 threaded rods

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Thanks everyone for the comments.  As far as the plate washers go, the nut of the embedded bolt was all I needed before, so I wouldn’t need one now.  I was just repeating what the contractor said.   I think he threw that in there to try to convince me just in case.  After doing a little more research I have found the following two links that provide some really good information on this subject.





Basically they both say that standard A36 threaded bar is commonly sold without any certification making it difficult to determine what the actual material properties of the threaded rods are.  This could mean that some A36 threaded rods could pass testing for F1554 and some could not.  It states that threaded rod only lists the yield and ultimate stresses of the RAW material.  Many times the threaded rod is cold drawn from a larger diameter prior to threading which results in a stronger, less ductile rod than what is required for F1554 material.  Also, when threaded rods are tested, many times they don’t pass the F1554 reduced body diameter requirements because the stresses were reported from the raw material, not the finished product.  So according to this information, it seems to say that you should not substitute A36 threaded rods for F1554 anchor bolts.  One good note is it does appear to imply that F1554 threaded rod are widely available.  With that information and your comments, I told the contractor he can use threaded rods, but they MUST be ASTM F1554.  He just called back and said the supplier told him that was no problem and even provided him with some certification on them that he faxed to me.  I live in a smaller area, so I would be really surprised if they are more readily available here than a lot of other places.  Thanks again for the input everyone.