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RE: Anchor bolt allowables in tension & shear

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I am comparing the Anchor bolt allowable between AISC 9th & 13 th ed.

Per 9th ed.

Allowable tension = 0.33*Fu*Ase.  (Ase = tensile area)
Allowable shear = 0.17*Fu*Ase.  (Ase = tensile area)

Per 13th ed. per page 16.1-344

Allowable tension = 0.75Fu/2* Ag.  (Ag = gross area)
Allowable shear = 0.4/2*Fu*Ag.  (Ag = gross area).

That is, the increase in tensile allowable stress  in 13th ed. ~ = (0.375/0.33)*1/0.75 = 1.50 times over 9th ed. Values.

That is, the increase in shear allowable stress in 13th ed. ~ = (0.2/0.17)*1/0.75 = 1.50 times over 9th ed. Values.

Can you pl. check whether I am missing some info here?.    The above 13th ed. allowable values are close to App. D, ACI 318.

Looks like the anchor bolt dia & anchor reinforcement can be brought down.


Ravi Vasu


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