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RE: Structural Analysis Software for New One-Man Firm

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I agree with the other list members who recommend RISA. It can handle just about anything. Down sides are: it has become more expensive over the years, though, and I never liked the user interface that much. I also recommend Multiframe, which I use. It is affordable, and has a really good graphic interface. It is best suited to steel, but it can model any material. I have to run my own code checks for wood or concrete.

Dmitri Wright, PE
Cascade Engineering, Inc.
245 SE 4th Ave, Suite B
Hillsboro, OR  97123-4033


I=92ve delayed as long as I can and still can=92t decide where to spend =
hard-earned money for SE software, so I=92m soliciting comments from the =
regarding their experience with various software platforms.

My personal experience includes GTSTRUDL, STAAD, RAM (various products), =
defunct DOS product by ECOM (=E0 Eagle Point =E0 Digital Canal =
=93STRAAD=94 engine).
I=92ve also used IES=92 Visual Analysis for some Master of Science work, =
just  a touch of RISA.

I=92ve got 15+ years with most typical materials (wood, masonry, =
str=92l steel, lg steel), and expect my new practice to see the same =
of work. Almost all my work is buildings projects, so bridges aren=92t a
concern. Same for towers, tanks, etc.

I=92ve looked at some of the demos: they all seem to suffer from the =
basic =93flaws=94 of the usual hard work to get everything modeled, so =
I=92m not
finding any stand-outs with user interfaces.

I=92m using Autodesk Revit to coordinate with my largest (by revenue) =
The others are on AutoCAD =96 so I can dumb-down my modeling for =
with those firms.

Comments? What=92s been your experience, and what would you recommend =
for an
engineer working alone?

Keith Erick Fix

Principal Engineer

Red Pepper Consulting, Inc.

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Suite 215

Little Rock, AR 72205

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