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Re: Structural Analysis Software for New One-Man Firm

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On 1/18/2011 11:57 PM, Mark Johnson wrote:
  You can run multiple load cases at once and "envelope" the results.  Got my vote.

And then, if you want to zero in on just ONE or a few load cases, where you need more than just the "max-min" envelope results...

Guess what? You have to select those load cases and then rerun the whole **** thing over again.

I had a very large model that took two hours to run. You'd better believe I was cussing that program by the time I was done with run after run after run to optimize results.

Other software of my acquaintance, including Visual Analysis, stores ALL the results in a database, allowing you then, after processing, to choose different scenarios for study, all without making any other run. The only time you have to rerun is if you change the model itself.

Like I said, I could never recommend Risa until and unless they fix what is to me, a horrible "feature."

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