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Re: Beam Nominations

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When anyone gives me beam thicknesses in fractions, I immediately question them. You can't measure the flange thickness accurately with a tape because of the rounded toe. Many older W beams have skightly tapered flanges due to the rolls they used.  Also the web can only be measured from an end where there may be a burr.  Was there paint or rust on the beam?  I always tell the people to measure with a micrometer and try to measure at 2 or 3 different places to account for slight differences in the rolling process, i.e wear of the rolls, operator practices, etc.  A micrometer can bought relatively cheaply (mine cost $4, 22 years ago). Generally the operators will try to roll slightly over the thicknesses to avoid a rejection due to not meeting the specified minimum.  These are personal observations backed by information from a purchasing agent who had a long history buying steel members.  He used to keep slices from rejects to prove what he was saying.

On 2/2/2011 5:54 PM, Thor Tandy wrote:

Yes it does.  Thanks




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The beams are taken from the AISC 6th Edition, last revised in 1964

BTW, can’t find “WF12x92” in my handbook (Canadian)


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Yes, thanks.


I made a mistake on the second beam


12"x12"  Web 5/8"  Flange  7/8" should have been 12”x14”





14"x12"  Web 5/8"  Flange  7/8"
The nearest sizes in this book are:

WF14x12x78 D=14", Wf=12", tf=11/16", tw=7/16", Ix=851.2in^4, Sx=121.1in^3, rx=6.09", 
Iy=206.9in^4, Sy=34.3^3, ry=3.00"
WF14x12x84 D=14.1/8", Wf=12", tf=3/4", tw=7/16", Ix=928.4in^4, Sx=130.9in^3, rx=6.13", 
Iy=225.5in^4, Sy=37.5^3, ry=3.02"
I hope this helps.
Stephen Macie, P.E.
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