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Concrete Seismic Detailing - Piers

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Working on a one story SDC C building.  


Question one is for typical column piers, which in this case are mostly 2-ft  but as long as 14’ (to get footings deep enough to not effect adjacent basement). Do piers need to have ties detailed per ACI OR would this only apply to columns (not surrounded by soil)? Code is not specific – so I assume it applies to piers as well.


Also, ACI 10.8.4 allows for area of steel in compression member to be .005Ag if only half the area of concrete is required for strength.  Is there anything in ACI restricting this for SDC C? I was planning to use .01Ag for the real columns but for piers this is just seems wrong.


Thanks for your insights-




Mark L. Puccio P.E., S.E.