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Re: Beirut Lebanon Design Snow Load

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        As I recall, there was a roof failure (an airplane hanger, I think) at an airport in the middle east a few years ago.  This failure was discussed on this list at that time.
        Also, as I recall (and the more time passes the poorer my recollections are) the load causing failure was in the order of 10 or 15 p.s.f.
        Canadian codes of the day (and the provision is still in force) require a minimum roof live load of 1 kPa (20.7 p.s.f.) to accommodate workers and/or building materials on the roof.  This, I understand, should apply for maintenance as well as construction.  I would suggest that you use this provision as a guideline for your minimum loading consideration.
H. Daryl Richardson
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Subject: Beirut Lebanon Design Snow Load

We are starting some preliminary engineering on a 44m (145 ft.) pipe bridge that will include a pedestrian component and we are looking for design information.  Is there a specific code for Beirut?  We found the seismic information for the region but we can't seem to find a solid value for the snow load there.
Any help is appreciated.
Phoenix, AZ