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RE: Test #4

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        Bob Garner, S.E. wrote:
        “This site is strange!  I get everybody's postings but not my own. I'd like to get that straightened out but right now I have work to do.”
                Do you want to provide answers to your own questions? ;-)
                Otherwise, I don’t have any help. I have used Outlook since long before I knew of Seaint and always get my posts back within about a minute. All my email is set up as formatted and I’ve never had a reason to change that for specific addresses. And while the server has dropped an occasional digest or two over the years, I have never had the full dropping off the list that others have had. When I set up to get the list at home on my Gmail account, I had to tell Gmail that Seaint was not spam, which took me a long time to figure out. I may never have posted from home, though, so I don’t know if I get them back there or not.
        Jim Getaz