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Low-cost FEA

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Dear Iker,
If I understand you correctly, you wish to acquire a small-capacity
FEA program that costs little.
First of all, most codes I know are 3D, which means that if you wish
to limit yourself to 2D, you would be able to solve larger problems.
Many claims of ease-of-use are made, but the fact remains that
if you have a couple of examples on hand, everything becomes easy.
With this in mind I would recommend that you get a student's version of ANSYS.
For about $100 you will have a hell of 2D capacity.
(I may not be current with the price.)
Gregory from Oz
Dear List,
I need to do some calculations for interior structural glass for a client.
We don't have FEM software since we normally do 2D frame analysis and so
would like a recommendation for basic (planar) FEM analysis.
Budget for this software is tight since we won't have a large
quantity/complexity of this kind of work, so cost and ease of use are
I appreciate your thoughts.
Iker Danolcam