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RE: EOR & pre-engineered trusses

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I typically list on the roof framing plan the snow load so there is no question. I also require in my structural notes that I need to review the truss plan from the supplier with this note: SUBMIT 3 COPIES OF SHOP DRAWINGS AND STRUCTURAL CALCULATIONS TO MARK BENJAMIN P.E., FOR REVIEW 7 DAYS PRIOR TO FABRICATION (APPROVAL PRIOR TO FABRICATION IS NOT REQUIRED). I have only gotten 3 truss plans in 6 years. The upshot to this is that if I assumed a particular girder truss location (I place those on my framing plan) and it is different and creates a problem, then I am in the clear if I am not provided the truss plans. My structural notes list the truss requirements. I have never had a building department require my stamp or construction observation for engineered trusses.


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I generally perform structural observation, but not special inspection. I review wood truss submittals for compliance with the general requirements of the contract documents and note discrepancies. I also usually review some of the individual truss elements to make certain the truss engineer is doing what he should, but I'm not obligated to do that.

All that said, there is no particular reason that I couldn't do more or less; if my client is a building design professional and understands the consequences, I can contract for anything my insurer approves, provided the fee is commensirate with the effort and risk.

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EOR & pre-engineered trusses

Does the engineer or architect of record take responsibility for the design & construction observation of pre-engineered trusses? We have officials requiring this, which has some SE’s perturbed regarding the liability.