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RE: Timber Frame Construction Tolerances

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Have you contacted the Timber Framers Guild? See them at
You should especially look in the Timber Framers Engineering Council
information. See them at   

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Subject: Timber Frame Construction Tolerances

I am doing a forensic investigation of a residential floor "failure" with
respect to poor evenness of a floor assembly. I have ascertained that the
structure assembly is sound so it's a serviceability problem.


I have done some relatively careful and accurate levels on the floor surface
and found that over about 30' I found some spots as low as 1.25" below "0"


The original localized "depression" that was discovered and started this
investigation, we have now successfully mitigated by jacking the floor joist
immediately affected and spliced on new engineered beams.  We have achieved
an evenness across the floor in general but the entire floor is sloping
toward one corner . we conclude that it has been built that way.


I'm looking for code or guideline tolerances for timber framed construction.
Steel has codified or recommended tolerances but I'm not sure that is
applicable to timber construction.


Does anyone have any references or code prescriptions?




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