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warehouse slab

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Harold Sprague, et al:

Have a client who is unable to provide us any meaningful information about their light industrial and warehouse slab. They just are useless in this department.

Its been a long time since I did any type of warehouse slab.

Racks similar to "home depot" and could be that tall (b.o. steel around 26ft), storing rather lightweight boxes of vitamins, supplements, etc. Forklifts similar to home depot, we don't know about the traffic (I'd guess light to medium). We know no other details and at this time in regards to weights, rack post spacing, base plates, etc.

Conditioned space in Florida. Sawcut control joints probably around 10' o.c., not sure about WWF, rebar or steel fibers yet.

I was thinking of giving them a design for a couple of different slab sizes and reinforcing schemes, and give them my basis of design, and then they can choose. Maybe in table form on the foundation plan.

I welcome any opinions, especially on conservative rack point loads and base plate sizes, spacing of rack posts, and slab thickness. I have been told by those in the know that the "Cadillac" of warehouse slabs would be #3 @ 14-18" o.c. E.W. (I think Harold said this once upon a time).

Semi rigid epoxy to fill the CJs, any favorites?

And probably most importantly, I was not planning on providing dowels at CJs , maybe only at construction joints (pour stops for the day...)

Clean sand, we usually get 2500-3000psf for our foundations with basic compaction... Moisture barrier, no gravel, just a sand sub-base.


I am going to borrow or download ACI360R, I have been told this has pretty much all I need. I know how to run the numbers, though its been a long time.

Any do's and don'ts or recent success stories, etc.?

Thanks in advance.