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Kind of and no.  That is the short answer.

Long version...

When I was working for Insulspan (/Riverbend Timber Framing), we had a couple projects in CA (San Fran and Tahoe areas) and I help the engineers with them.  For the one, all the shearwalls were pre-fabbed stick frame shearwalls...for the other, we did use SIPs for lower loaded shearwalls, but did stick framed shearwalls for the higher loaded ones.

As to current ICC reports, to my knowledge, no panel manufacturer has an updated ICC-ES report that permits use in SDC D, E, or F yet...unless something changed in the last month or so since my last post on the subject...but I did not find that post on the, here is what I posted last time about this issue:

No manufacturer will have an ICC-ES report that will "approve" SIPs for use with SDC D-F per the IBC 2006 or 2009, unless someone has VERY recently gotten a new approved report completed.  This is because the ICC-ES Acceptance Criteria that is used for evaluating SIPs ( only added back an evaluation process for high seismic "zones" in late 2009.  And to my knowledge, no SIP manufacturer has completed an updated evaluation report since that time.  If some SIP company rep tries to tell you other wise, then ask for the ICC-ES report that clearly indicates the "approval" for use with SDC D-F.  To my knowledge, the currently available reports for Premier (, R-control (, Precision (, and Insulspan ( all list the limitations to SDC A-C.

As a result, at this time, your options are either NOT use SIPs for lateral resistance or try to use "technical bulletins" that the companies might be able to provide to convince the code official.  Many, if not all, of the "big" SIP companies have done testing for seismic type loading.  I know that Insulspan has as I worked for them while they were doing some of that testing.  I am pretty sure that Premier has done similar testing as well as I believe they were a major pusher of the original version of Appendix A in AC04 (there was a version of Appendix back in the mid 2000s that resulted in some companies doing some testing and then the ICC-ES hosed those companies by removing that original version...but there is now a new version).  As result, those companies should be able to provide you with something that you might be able to use to convince a local code official.  If not, then you are likely going to be forced use some other structural lateral system (i.e. "traditional" stick framed shear walls or steel moment frame, etc).

FWIW, when I worked for Insulspan, we were able to work with a engineer to have a project in the Tahoe area approved for using SIP shearwalls based upon a technical bulletin that we had at the time that summarized the testing.  We still had to use some "traditional" stick framed walls because of the limits of the SIP shearwall's available capacity.

If you have further questions and think I might be of help, feel free to contact me "off list" and we can talk by phone if you wish.



On Apr 7, 2011, at 2:02 AM, Joe Venuti wrote:

Good Morning All


Has anyone done any SIP wood panels in So. California and do any manufactures have current ICC report.


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