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Re: seaint Digest for 22 Apr 2011

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If you are under the IBC, the applicable ESR will cover this. If not, I guess it is up to the local building official? / eric

On 4/23/2011 12:00 AM, admin wrote:
Subject: ASTM F 1852 "Twist Off" Bolts

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To all -
   For all of you who were SEORs for recent structural steel projects and re=
quired the "Twist Off" type bolts for the connections, did you require the =
TC assemblies manufacturer to visit the site and demonstrate installation o=
f these bolts before steel erection could commence?

Doesn't the RCSC Structural Joints Specification pre-installation demonstra=
tion process by the inspector and erector suffice?

Charlie Canitz, PE
Annapolis, MD

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