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Re: seaint Digest for 23 Apr 2011

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Twist off bolts are addressed in the AISC Specification and RCSC "Specification 
for Structural Joints Using High-Strength Bolts".  In other workd they are 
addressed in the code and there is no need for an ESR.  Because these products 
are addressed in the code the building official's role is limited to verifying 
that the twist-off bolts are being used and installed in accordance with the 

There is no reason to require the manufacturer's rep visit the site but the code 
requires that it be verified that the batch of twist off bolts will provide 
the appropriate tension in the bolt.  This is addressed in the code.

In response to the original question I would allow the use of twist-off bolts 
but I would not require their use.  Load indicator washers provide more 
assurance that the required tension is actually produced and in some situations 
I will require their use.  When load indicator washers are required some 
errectors will also use twist-off bolts.

Mark Gilligan 

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If you are under the IBC, the applicable ESR will cover this.  If not, I 
guess it is up to the local building official? / eric

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> To all -
>    For all of you who were SEORs for recent structural steel projects and re=
> quired the "Twist Off" type bolts for the connections, did you require the =
> TC assemblies manufacturer to visit the site and demonstrate installation o=
> f these bolts before steel erection could commence?
> Doesn't the RCSC Structural Joints Specification pre-installation demonstra=
> tion process by the inspector and erector suffice?
> TIA,
> Charlie Canitz, PE
> Annapolis, MD

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