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RE: CMU wall reinforcing

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If the in-plane lateral loads are really low, is this really a shear wall? In other words, can the lateral force resistance be provided elsewhere? If the lateral force is resisted elsewhere, then the wall you described isn't a shear wall, and the rules change.

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Are you using running bond? If that's the case, yes. If you use stack bond, it's min 24". Running bonds are not as reliable.
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I have a pair of short special reinforced CMU walls that are being designed under SDC D.  Based on the masonry code (TMS 402-08), the vertical and horizontal spacing has to be less than the wall length/3 (  For a wall 2'-8" long, I come up with a spacing of 10.7" 
oc, i.e. every cell.  Am I interpreting this correctly.  There is minimal shear and for out of plane loading, the verts can be at 24" oc.

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