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Slab Stripped before time ...

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Interesting question .


I have been asked to do a structural review of an existing residence that
has a significant area of the footprint a suspended slab on circular


I understand that the slab formwork was stripped before the slab had
completely cured . yes there is a noticeable trough in the main part of the


It is a 6"+/- slab and the two-span is approximately 15ft and the main
deformation is probably about 2".  Built in 1990 the original owner, who is
now selling, accepted the flaw.  There has been no
perceived/recorded/admitted problem since.


In general the construction looks good and, except for some spalling of
columns due to bits of tie-wire at the surfaces, appears sound.  The
formwork was sonata and although I have to get the original construction
dwgs but I assume the reinforcing was tied steel cages.


My questions:  


1)      Does anyone know of literature on, or record of, impact on the
strength and/or serviceability of slabs that have deformed during the
curing/strength-gain period?

2)      Although the spalling appears localized to the tie-wire locations,
there is number of them.  Could this also be a sign of deeper issues?  I.e.
would the tie-wire spalling open up access to the stirrups etc in the

3)      Has anyone scanned columns for internal content checks?




Thor A. Tandy P.Eng, C.Eng, Struct.Eng, MIStructE
Victoria, BC



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