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Re: 4x12 on top double top plate

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On the walls parallel to the direction of the lateral forces, won't the sheathing transfer the lateral loads from the 4x12 top plate into the bottom plate.  You could design the clip connection between the 4x12 and existing top plate for this transfer assuming the sheathing isn't present.  If these walls are exterior walls, then you would have to look at the out-of-plane forces on the walls and the required tension/compression forces on the connection between the bottom of the 4x12 and the existing top plate.

On 5/14/2011 10:02 PM, Ken Ng wrote:
I have a fire damage two level house.  The fire damaged area is located upper level and the existing will be replaced with a new roof.  Interior drywall and exterior siding will be removed maybe the sheathing can be saved.  The owner would like to raise the ceiling about 11.25".  I could place a new 4x12 on top entire existing double top plate.  
Does anyone ever done this extended ceiling height before?   

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