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Re: Concrete Repair

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  The only testing so far is tapping the concrete to detect detached and spalled material. The building is a block away from the beach.
  I cannot picture how sealing the exposed rebar can initiate galvanic action. The steel would have a moisture barrier and I would think no longer exposed to the chemicals in the concrete, or to moisture or oxygen, similar to epoxy coated rebar. I thought galvanic action required dissimilar metals with some connecting element like water to occur.
  Sika has products that claim to have the sealing and mortar protection characteristic that I believe would help here, and a CALTANS engineer I spoke to has recommended some products that they use to seal and reconstruct deteriorated concrete and no mention of concrete material testing.
  Fortunately the deteriorated concrete is at the edges on the underside so this is a low stress region even though I would certainly like to halt the deterioration before the decks become unsafe.