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Any Of You Folks Need A Writer?

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Still flailing about trying to figure how to order my life post-engineering. FWIW, I took eleven credit hours this past semester and received a 3.7 GPA (German and a History seminar).

Anyway, I was talking to one of my "new" professors who mentioned that one advantage Liberal Arts folks have over...well, just about everyone else, is their ability to construct a coherent written sentence in English, and string several such sentences together to make a paragraph, etc.

It just so happens that my last GRE Verbal score, from back in 2006, was in the 99th Percentile for all people taking the test that year. That is to say, I am far, far above average insofar as my verbal and writing ability are concerned.

So, how about it? Anyone out there need some help with formulating reports or other documents using the Queen's English (or the American variant thereof)? How about EDITING such? Proofreading, correcting, advising as to content, etc.? Obviously it helps that I am well-versed in the engineering lingo as well as having that rare ability for an engineer, of being able to use non-mathematical syntax.

Give me a holler if I can help. I work cheap, you know. I pretty much have to.


Bill Polhemus (still) P.E.

(P.S. Hopefully soon I can lend a hand in the German language as well! Heh-heh!)

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