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RE: Stainless Steel

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Although stainless steel is used frequently in industrial structures, there is little in US codes to provide guidance.  A lot of the response depends on what exposure is driving the use of stainless.  For example, if it is sulphuric acid you would need something like a Carpenter 20 alloy.  If it is to provide more longevity in exposure to fresh water, you could use A304.  If it is sea water, you should consider A316.  If it is to be welded add the L designation to the latter.  Then you need to reference the appropriate AWS welding procedures.
It is basic chemical engineering practice to access the exposure and rate the loss of section in terms of mills per years relative to the expected life.  Thus you could use a heavier carbon steel and provide what is called a corrosion allowance. 
For your loads, use the ASCE 7.  The material properties are dependent on the ASTM that is appropriate for the stainless steel type. 
Georgia Tech developed a very good guideline for stainless structural design for Stainless Structurals LLC.  You can Google it and download if from the internet.
The Europeans have very good stainless guidelines.  EP30 Design Manual for Structural Stainless Steel.

Regards, Harold Sprague

> From: jajimenez(--nospam--at)
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> Subject: Stainless Steel
> Date: Sat, 21 May 2011 06:48:51 -0400
> I have to design a Stainless Steel platform, but I don't know about a SS US
> Code.
> Which code I need to follow?
> For a welded structure, what alloy is recommended?
> If no code exist, can I use the AISC steel code with the SS mechanical
> properties?
> Jorge Jimenez, PE
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