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joe- fire damaged plywood

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Not sure how your search for technical literature on the subject has gone, but I have always been surprised as to how well plywood holds up to fire, especially if the heat and flames were not so intense. Anyway, since repairing and replacing plywood is pretty easy, I just investigate it on a case by case basis, and if there is any char damage to the outer layer of sheathing, I would replace or repair. An easy repair (you probably have thought of) if you want to leave the existing wood in place is to cut a new sheet of sheathing to fit in between the truss top chords, and then sister in 2x4s to the top chords to hold your plywood in place. You could have them nail the plywood to the 2x4s first, then put the assembly up in between the trusses and nail off to the exstg top chords. This is pretty cheap and easy in most circumstances, so I would not spend too much time analyzing the existing wood.

Andrew Kester, PE