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Small Bridge Problem

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Dear Mark,
Thank you very much for this practical overview.
I will try to locate Hayward Baker's office in that area.
Seems he controls the process very well.
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Look into soil compaction grouting. Hayward Baker does this, and may have a
branch near you. This is the least intrusive method to raise a structure. A
small diameter pipe is pushed into the ground below the structure to solid
bearing (as evidenced by refusal), then a pillow of grout is pumped in, the
pipe is raised and another pillow pumped in, and so on. This compacts the
soil around the grout and builds a column of grout. I watched a 2 story
brick on stone footing addition in Denver close a 2" gap at the top, and the
doors all worked! The other way is by excavating to the base of the footing
and install a helical pier down to firm bearing (again as evidenced by
refusal and installation torque), and then a bracket installed on the base
of the footing, which has a jack plate to jack the structure up, and the
bracket locked down. This requires digging to the base of the footing, which
clearly won't work in a bridge.


Thank You, Mark Benjamin

Crown Jade Design and Engineering, Inc.