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Re: Electronic Shop Drawing Review

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Overall, BB is very handy.  Although I tried to create a form (or maybe a stamp) so that I can drop it onto a sketch, for example.  Then, I would just be prompted to fill in the info (project, date, etc.).  If you know how to do that, please share with the masses.  For now, I'll use the brute force method and fill in the info as a separate text block.

BB is great, and definitely is geared toward the AEC industry.  Adobe is clunky and expensive, and holds a greater part of the market share.  

On Fri, May 27, 2011 at 7:01 AM, Donny Harris <dharris(--nospam--at)> wrote:
We use blue beam too, it's been at least 5 years now and if you don't
think BB is perfect then the best solution is to go back and use adobe
for a few minutes!  :)   Some people here use large tablet monitors as
well so it is very close to doing paper markups with a pen except the
"copying the markups 5 times" part.

BB is very powerful and does a lot that adobe can't do, it is designed
for our practice or at least it seems that way.  Only negative I have
found is file size management can go sideways in some conversion
processes and you can end up with 2-20x bigger files size than makes
sense.  Adobe can sometimes crunch file size better.

Just curious David but what other short comings have you found?

I just remembered a funny story, speaking of short comings; I
recommended BB to client a year ago, small architectural office but a
very savvy guy who always has the latest gadget (Ipad, etc) so I was
shocked he didn't know about BB.  He loved it from the first day but the
funny part is he told me that he had actually done BB's office TI
expansion for them years back but didn't know what they did!  Adobe
definitely markets better than BB.

Donny Harris SE
Los Angeles, California

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Yup, that's what we have done.  With Bluebeam, drag and drop onto one
of a multipage PDF, then "apply to all pages."  With Acrobat, the
seems too clunky when compared to Bluebeam.  I believe B/B is available
about $500.  It's not perfect, but is "in substantial conformance" with

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