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Re: Electronic Shop Drawing Review

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For shop drawing and other document stamps, what many here do including
me is, create a stamp in BB and use the dynamic text function to insert
the date.  It is easy to create a stamp that looks very close to our
office rubber shop stamp and then I put my initials in it as part of the
permanent text but use a dynamic date so the date you insert it always
shows up, then create 3 versions of it with conforms, conforms w/
revisions or non conforming box checked.  Works pretty good for what I
need but if you want more dynamic info like project name, etc. I don't
know.  I agree that would be a cool feature if you could customize like
an acad block with attributes.  I have a few dozen stamps in my pull
down (document and shop with each of 3 options and several more with
added notes included like "contractor to issue final revisions for
record copy", etc. This works well for me the way we have things set up.

Donny Harris, SE
Los Angeles

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Overall, BB is very handy.  Although I tried to create a form (or maybe
stamp) so that I can drop it onto a sketch, for example.  Then, I would
just be prompted to fill in the info (project, date, etc.).  If you know
how to do that, please share with the masses.  For now, I'll use the
brute force method and fill in the info as a separate text block.

BB is great, and definitely is geared toward the AEC industry.  Adobe is
clunky and expensive, and holds a greater part of the market share.

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