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Calif. OSHPD Requirements

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For those knowledgeable with Calif. OSHPD requirements:
I am working on the replacement of exisitng roof mounted A/C units at an older hospital that is SPC 1 rated with a performance level of NPC 3R, therefore I can design to the '95 CBC with an Ip = 1.0 using the equation 30A-1 of Fp, (ASD) = Z*Ip*cp*W. My question is: can I use a Cp value of 0.75 per table 16-O or must I magnify it by 2x per  sec. 1630A.2 for a "support item is closely restained so that resonance is not possible. The A/C units are package units NOT supported on vibration isolators. Back then, ('94 UBC), for commercial work, I would just use a Cp of 0.75, but this being a hospital job, maybe I should be increasing the factor by the 2x. So, is it a Cp of 0.75 or 1.5 for roof mounted rigid package mechanical equipment used in older hospitals??
Thanks in advance,
Larry Hauer S.E.