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re: Granite Step Foundation

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For full bearing-distribute load, use grout or sand, if sand can wash out then use a cement grout.

The depth of the concrete mix should be about twice the variance in the plane surface of the flat stone.

Replace at least 6 to 12 inches of top soils with well graded and compacted gravel (class 5).

If you ever walked across compacted class 5 gravel its surface even and hard as though it were a concrete slab. Recall that this gravel design sets each size of rock in proportion to the required amount needed to fill voids between the next larger rock. The mix usually includes some sands and some moisture lubricant for a maximum sustainable compaction.

"sustainable"... I'm practicing a new and popular term.
It seems that the core purpose of all engineering is to make ideas and shapes sustainable, we have always been the green that architects are trying to achieve.

David Merrick, SE
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