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Granite Step Foundation

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I would go with what the contractor wants to do. as long as it is not too expsnsive. He is the one that builds so he won't get complaints. With stairs involved it would be hard to keep the code required tolerance for tread height and allowable tolerances with a gravel base under the stair treads.

Tim Rudolph PE

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Subject: Granite Step Foundation

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I am having a paver patio installed by a contractor and he will be using a=
8" compacted gravel foundation to support the pavers. Additionally, a sin=
gle granite step (48"x18"x7") will be installed. The contractor says he ne=
eds to pour a 6" concrete foundation with the same footprint as the step i=
n order to prevent the step from settling over time due to the weight of t=
he step. However, I think the step should be placed directly on the 8" com=
pacted gravel foundation. Do any of you think the concrete pad is necessar=

Chris Miller, P.E.

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